Anonymous said: Is CrazierGirl still on your team?

Well, not exactly. She was never formally dismissed from the team, but I did have to redo a lot of her editing work for episode 10. Shortly thereafter, SpottableBus promised to help out with the editing work. I’d kind of like the help, but it really reduces the quality of the videos to render them back and forth between three formats, especially if I have to do a lot of cleaning anyway.

SpottableBus, who I know personally, wound up being pretty flaky about the editing promises, though. For the longest time I was kind of holding out to see what she could do, so I could see if I might be able to focus more on writing and the voices - if everything had gone as planned, you’d be seeing many more videos from us than you do currently. However, after getting most of the next episode done myself while I waited for SpottableBus, I just committed to the idea that I’d be doing all the editing solo.

CrazierGirl never contacted me. I don’t know her personally, so unlike SpottableBus, who I see most weekends (and who I typically only need on the rare occasion for a single male voice), she’s sort of been phased out. Honestly, she’s not the only girl this has happened to - you may remember a “Cossack” Kate who sang for us once.

Of course, I also know Kate personally, and I still keep up with her so that I can accuse her of having a space alien boyfriend. Numerous probe jokes ensue. Kate is our last line of defense.